Thursday 10 December 2020

For this Sunday (13-12-2020)

Dear sisters and brothers,

First- a word about singing.  As of this coming Sunday, congregation members are permitted to sing provided they are wearing a face mask.  We will give people the option at all three of our services on Sunday to sing if they wish (whilst wearing a mask), or to remain quiet and listen to others singing (in which case a mask is not necessary).  So I encourage all who wish to sing to bring a face mask with them to church.  We will most likely all stand for the songs.

If you’re planning to attend the 10am service or the 5pm service this Sunday, make sure you pre-register using the following link:  Please make sure you do so before 9pm on Friday.  If you need to alter your registration after that, please contact me or Anne Penny.

If you need to watch from home via the live-stream, here are the links:

If you’re watching the live-stream at home you can access the service outlines here (there is no sermon outline this week):

Yours in the service of Christ,