Tuesday 22 December 2020

Update: Christmas services

Hi again everyone,

I’m writing with an update on our plans for Christmas.  Obviously, if the government announces any changes to restrictions for Christmas in Sydney tomorrow, then our plans may need to change too.  If so, we will communicate again tomorrow.  But for now, here’s what you need to know.

Our Christmas services are expected to go ahead as in-person events:
    •  4:30pm and 6pm on the 24th in the hall (kid-friendly services)
    •  11pm on the 24th in the church building
    •  8:30am and 10am on the 25th in the church building

In order to attend you must pre-register and the pre-registration closes at 6pm tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd).  To pre-register go here:  https://forms.gle/NgqqmKuAxarnx29v8

If you need to change your registration at any stage, please contact Anne Penny directly as soon as you can:  office@northbridgeanglican.org.au

We have also changed our minds about the live-streaming of our Christmas services.  We appreciate that some people, in the current climate, may feel that they now need to stay at home even if they originally planned to attend Christmas services in person.  To accommodate this potentially larger group of people we have decided to live-stream the Christmas Day service at 8:30am.  People will be able to watch a stream of this service from home at 8:30am, or watch a replay of it later.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In God’s hands,