Thursday 7 January 2021

Church on Sunday (10-01-2021)

Dear sisters and brothers,

Firstly, I want to apologise to those who tried to watch the 5pm live-stream last Sunday night.  We had technical difficulties which meant the stream did not go ahead.  I’m very sorry about that. You can nevertheless watch a recording of the 10am service stream if you want-; or you could listen to the audio recording of the sermon here-

Secondly, I need to let you know that from this Sunday onwards we will be implementing a new check-in procedure for all our church services.  This is as a result of new government requirements in relation to contact-tracing.  So when you arrive this week (and every week moving forwards) you will need to have your mobile phone ready to scan our QR code.  Once you have successfully “checked-in” on your phone you will need to show the “checked-in” screen to one of the ushers (or one of the pastors) who will tick you off on an attendance list.  If you don’t have a mobile phone, or your mobile phone doesn’t have the facility to scan a QR code, you can speak to an usher/pastor who can sign you in on a laptop computer.  Your check-in data will now be stored by Service NSW.  For those 10am congregation parents who are first handing over their children to Kids Church leaders in the church building (from 9:45am), you will need to check yourself in at the door of the church (by scanning the QR code), then check in your child(ren) as dependents, and then show your “checked-in” screen to one of the ushers/pastors at the entrance to the hall (you won’t need to scan the QR code again as you enter the hall).  For all members checking in to church this week (and beyond), having the Service NSW app on your phone will make the process much simpler (so if you’re willing to install it, and you haven’t yet, it’d be great to do so before Sunday).  But if you don’t have it, don’t worry, we’ll still be able to check you in.

Thirdly, notwithstanding this new check-in procedure, we still need everyone planning to come to 10am and 5pm to pre-register to attend church (this is not required for attendance at 8:15am).  Please do so at the following link by no later than 9pm on Friday:  If you want to alter your registration after that, please contact me or Anne Penny.  

Fourthly, the wearing of masks is now mandatory for all attending our services.  Up till now it was simply recommended.  But it is now enforceable.  So all church members (above the age of 12) should wear a mask at all times when they are inside any of our church buildings.  The only exception to this is if someone has an approved medical exemption, and if this applies to you please speak to me about it as soon as you can.  Thanks.

If you need to watch this Sunday from home via the live-stream, here are the links:  

If you’re watching the live-stream at home you can access the service and sermon outlines here:   

These continue to be strange days indeed!  But our fellowship remains precious and the Lord is with us.