Thursday 25 February 2021

This Sunday (28-02-2021)

Dear sisters and brothers,

I very much hope to see most of you on Sunday at one of our in-person services (8:15am in the church, 10am and 5pm in the church hall).

As many of you will know, the NSW Premier made an announcement yesterday in regard to singing in churches.  At this stage we’re still working through the implications of the announcement for our Sunday gatherings.  But there is a good chance we might be able to sing on Sunday as long as we’re wearing masks.  So, if you’d like to sing (if we’re able to), please make sure you remember to bring a mask with you so you can pull it out during the songs.  :-)

However, if you need to watch the live-stream of next Sunday’s services from home, you can do so at the following links:

And if you need to access the service and sermon outlines online, they are available here:

In warm fellowship,