Thursday 1 April 2021

This Weekend at St Mark's (Easter Weekend, 02 & 04-04-2021)

Hi everyone,

What a special weekend lies ahead for us as we gather to worship the crucified and risen Christ.  And what a great opportunity the Lord has given us to share his gospel with neighbours, family, and friends.  It’s not too late to consider who you could invite to join us.  I invited three different friends yesterday and I’m praying some or all may come.  Could you do the same? 

Feel free to direct people to our website for all the information they need, or you can download an invitation from there as well:

And please be praying that our services/sermons would make the gospel clear, that they would be a blessing to all who attend, and that Jesus would be honoured by them.

Don’t forget to pre-register for the Friday and Sunday services ASAP if you haven’t done so already.  You can do that here:  St Mark's Northbridge — Registration for Easter Services

I also want to make sure you don’t forget that Daylight Savings ends on Saturday night this weekend!  So make sure you have your clocks set at the right time for church on Sunday.

Our services are as follows (with live-stream links if needed):

Friday 8:15am (Church)
Friday 10am (Hall)  

Sunday 8:15am (Church)
Sunday 10am (Hall)
Sunday 5pm (Hall) 

As always, you can access resources for our services here:  

In the sweet knowledge of God’s love in Jesus,