Wednesday 12 May 2021

For this Sunday (16-05-2021) and for ESCAPE

Dear sisters and brothers,

I have a few important things to share with you.  Please read the content below carefully.

1)  From this Sunday our services will no longer be live-streamed.  We hope everyone will be able to join us in-person.

2)  This Sunday the 5pm service returns to the church building rather than the hall.  The 4:30pm Prayer Meeting before the service will be in the hall.

3)  This Sunday will also see the return of morning tea after the 10am service, and supper/refreshments in the church hall after the 5pm service.  These will be served in a COVID-safe manner only from the kitchen servery (so will be different to what people are used to).  Please be patient with those serving as it will be a slower process than before.

4)  Unless NSW Health changes the restrictions later this week, it seems we will be under restrictions again this Sunday in terms of the wearing of masks, and no congregational singing.  Please come to church with a mask in your pocket.

5)  I’d love those coming to ESCAPE to start reading the book of Judges (in preparation for the weekend).  If you could read the whole book in the next ten days (a couple of chapters a day) that’d be ideal.  But even if you can’t manage that, perhaps you can try and read through the first five chapters.

6)  Barring the need for adjustments due to changing restrictions, I am anticipating that this will be the last weekly email for now.  We will return to relying on our Monthly Emails to communicate the main things you need to know.  But, of course, if we have to email you about something we will.  :-)

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.