Friday 25 June 2021

UPDATE – for this Sunday (27-06-2021)

To the whole St Mark’s church family,

In the light of additional restrictions announced by the Premier this morning it is now obvious that many of our church members will not be able to attend church this Sunday because they are subject to a “stay at home” order (and attendance at church is not an allowable reason to leave the home).  This will include a few church members who live in one of the four Local Government Areas (LGA’s) which have been locked down, but it will also include a large number of people who work in the City of Sydney LGA (which takes in the Sydney CBD).  

We grieve with these church members who will now be largely confined to their home for the next 7 days, and we pray for God’s strength to sustain you, as we also pray that these restrictions will be lifted in a week’s time.

At this stage we are still planning to have in-person services on Sunday (although if we are advised otherwise by the Diocese we will make a different decision and email again).  But in the light of this development we have decided to live-stream our services this Sunday at 10am and 5pm.  We hope those who can’t attend in person will be able to join us online.  Here are the links you need to log on:



And here is the link to our website where you can find service and sermon outlines:

With trust in our sovereign Heavenly Father,