Thursday 22 July 2021

For Sunday (25-07-2021)

Dear sisters and brothers,

This week in our Sunday services we begin a sermon series in Matthew 8–9.  We think this series will be very “shareable” with those who don’t normally come to church, so please be thinking about who you can invite, or who you can share the sermons with (either using our YouTube channel, or the link to the sermon audio recordings on our website:  At the same time we will begin a series of readings in the book of Esther which will run concurrently with the Matthew 8–9 series.

For our services this Sunday, these are the links you need to our YouTube Channel:


And, as always, you can access sermon and service outlines here:  Sunday Service Resources

I also want to remind you again that there is a Zoom prayer meeting before each service every Sunday where you can gather with others to pray.  These will continue for as long as this lockdown lasts at the following times and with these links (same each week):

     i) Sunday @ 9:30am (hosted by Jenny Salt):

     ii) Sunday @ 4:30pm (hosted by Jill Weekes):

In his service,