Thursday 29 July 2021

For this weekend … please read carefully (01-08-2021)

Dear sisters and brothers,

1)   This Saturday, FEAST (one of our mission partners organisations which employs Scripture teachers in Fairfield- including James Lane) was planning to have an afternoon tea for supporters which has now been postponed.  But in its place they are inviting people to join a Zoom prayer meeting for no more than an hour at 2pm on Saturday (July 31).  If you’d like to join the meeting you can find the link here:

2)   This Sunday we have our live-streamed services at 10am and 5pm.  We hope you can join one of them (and that you’ll keep thinking about who you can share them with).


3)   This Sunday we are also offering an opportunity after the services for people to connect online and to see the faces of others from church through a Zoom morning tea/supper.  Here are the links you’ll need to join those if you want to.

After 10am:
After 5pm:

4)   I also want to remind you again that there is a Zoom prayer meeting before each service every Sunday where you can gather with others to pray.

     i) Sunday @ 9:30am (hosted by Jenny Salt): 

     ii) Sunday @ 4:30pm (hosted by Jill Weekes): 

Yours in his service,