Thursday 12 August 2021

This weekend at St Mark's (15-08-2021)

Dear sisters and brothers,

1)  I want to remind you that we’re in the process of updating our Church Directory.  If you’re in the current version (October 2020) and we don’t hear from we will just reproduce your photo and contact details from that version.  But if you want to update your contact details, or add a new photo, or if you are new to church and haven’t been in the directory before, please enter your details here before the end of this SundayDirectory Update

2)  I also wanted to let you know that we have found a way to make it a little easier for you to share the current series of readings and sermons in Matthew 8-9.  We have created a Playlist on our YouTube Channel which has a video recording of just the sermon from each Sunday (which means you don’t have to watch the video of the whole service to find the sermon).  Please use this feature to share the sermons, or to re-watch yourselves.  Here’s the linkMatthew 8-9 Playlist.  As always, the audio recordings and the written scripts of our sermons are also available on our church website.

3)  Here are the links you need for this Sunday:

Livestreamed Services

Prayer Meetings

Service/Sermon Outlines

In joyful slavery to Christ,