Thursday 9 December 2021

This week at St Mark's (12-12-2021)

Dear sisters and brothers,

This week in all our services I will read my annual “pastoral letter” (in lieu of a sermon).  I hope it will be an encouragement to you.  We will also farewell Rusdyan Cocks.  At the 10am service, Steph will also read her “pastoral letter” to our children (who will once again start the service in the hall with everyone else).

This week the 5pm service will be the first Family Meal we’ve conducted in a while (incorporating the Lord’s Supper).  We will sit around tables in the church hall and share a meal together as part of the service.  The meal costs $10 per head (cash on entry please).

Once again the 10am service this week will be live-streamed for those watching at home.  This can be viewed live at 10am or at any time later in the day (or week).  The link you need is here:

Our service and sermon outlines for this week are also available here:  

In his service,