Friday 31 December 2021

For church in January

Dear sisters and brothers,

From this Sunday (and throughout January) we are planning for all our Sunday services to be in the church building (8:15am, 10am, and 5pm), rather than in the hall.  Whilst there will probably be numbers of people away on holidays each week (and so our gatherings will likely be smaller than normal), we are still very keen to remind you of the ways you can love each other and help keep everyone safe.

1)  Please don’t attend church if you are at all unwell, and if you have been unwell in the days previous please don’t attend unless you have had a PCR test and have received a negative result.

2)  Please do your best to maintain appropriate social distancing at all times.

3)  Please wear a mask.  Once again, masks have been made mandatory in indoor settings.

4)  Please move outside the church building as soon as you can after the service ends.  As much as possible we would like to see conversations before and after church occurring outside.

5)  For the sake of good ventilation we will have all the windows and doors open in the church, and all the fans on throughout each service.  This will be our practice irrespective of weather conditions.  If it’s a cool day please just bring a jumper.

At this stage, we are not planning to continue the live-stream of our services on the YouTube channel (although this decision will be reviewed in late January/early February).

Of course, our church leaders may need to revise our plans/expectations as things change.  If that happens, we will communicate with you again.

I also want to remind you that if you choose to stay away from church, or if you’re away on holidays, you can always read or listen to the sermon in the week afterwards. 

You can read a script here (available on Sundays):

You can listen to the audio file here (available usually by the Tuesday night following each Sunday):  Alternatively you can listen to it on Spotify or some other podcast platforms (search for “St Mark’s Sermons”).

Your servant in Christ,